Painting in my studio in Seattle.

Painting in my studio in Seattle.

barbara leuty

contemporary artist

Barbara Leuty is a Seattle based artist using her experiences of nature to inform her paintings, using layers of color, line and texture.

Born in Toronto, Canada, my earliest memories are of spending time on the shores of Georgian Bay. The textures of the rocks, the light and colors reflecting on the water are forever part of me and continue to inspire my work.

When not outside exploring I was creating things with whatever materials were at hand. I remember collecting porcupine quills on the rocks to use for beaded jewelry and spending hours in my fathers toolshed piecing together found bits of wood with hammer and nail.

Now, here in Seattle, I am inspired on my daily walks in the arboretum and on the shores of Lake Washington. The colors, reflections and interplay of light in the woods and on the water fascinate me. In my paintings I am interested in building layers of patterns and textures to create the close knit color fields I observe.